In the heyday of the Scottish clan system, chieftains would often meet with their members to devise cattle raids, seize lands or conspire against rivals. The earliest Highland gatherings and games were said to have originated from the chiefs’ desire for self-preservation, using challenging tests of speed and strength to seek out the burliest bodyguards and the most powerful of warriors.

Nowadays, when clans gather, the circumstances are usually much more amicable. There’s a great sense of occasion, but at the heart of these events are long-standing traditions. Many clan gatherings take place at Highland games, which in the 21st century continue to be a truly unique celebration of Highland culture.  Credit:

Over the years Clan MacRae Society of Canada members have gathered; and welcomed Clan MacRae members from around the world.  Itineraries are posted here and Tour reports are in the KINTAIL newsletter edition immediately following the Gathering.