Excerpt From The Book of Munster
Written in 1703 Rev. Eugene O’Keeffe Parish priest and Poet of Doneraile, North Cork

Branching out of the Race of Eoghan, son of Oilill Olum. Here commences the genealogies and the branches of relationships of the family of eoghan Mor son of Oilill Olum – as set out here; and beside the other descendants of Oilill Olum.

Eoghan Mor son of Oilill Olum, had one son i.e., Fiacha Muilleathan (i.e. Fiacha of the Flathead). This son was conceived as follows: one night Eoghan went to the house of Dil of the Crecraighe tribe, before going to the battle of Magh Mucruimbe. Dil then lived at Carn Fhearadhaig in the territory of the Northern Deis. This Dil then had a marriageable beautiful daughter called Muncha. While they were drinking Dil, the Druid, asked Eoghan if he had a family. No, said Eoghan. “Sleep with my daughter tonight,” said the druid “and you shall have a wonderful child.” Eoghan agreed with this and Dil went to his daughter and said, “Cohabit with Eoghan tonight and there shall be conceived a son and he shall be a king and his family and race shall be a royal one afterwards and Eoghan shall be slain in the forthcoming battle of Magh Muchraime.