Clan MacRae Society of Canada ​

The society was registered as a Non-Profit Society and was incorporated with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies in Nova Scotia Canada on August 14, 2001.

Society Objectives

The objectives of the Society as listed below are set out in the Memorandum of Association, The Clan MacRae Society of Canada:

  1. To promote, and foster the Clan MacRae spirit, Scottish Highland traditions, and friendly association with other Canadian Clan Societies.
  2. To encourage and educate members of the Society of our Clan MacRae history, traditions, literature, music, and genealogy, and such other subjects as may be of interest to the members.
  3. To acquire and retain documents and objects of historical and cultural interest to the Clan.
  4. To encourage the wearing of the Clan tartans and the Highland mode of dress in ancient, contemporary and innovative forms always providing these are worn with due dignity and respect for the Clan and its traditions.
  5. To establish and maintain friendly liaison with Clan MacRae Societies throughout the world.