The following is a representation of the document known as the Dornie Manuscript, the history of the Clan Mackenzie transcribed by Colin Mackenzie of Newburnside in 1760. We do not have a verified copy of the manuscript, and cannot confirm this as an accurate representation, or only a subset thereof. The document does maintain interest however, in that it contains references consistent with the History of Clan MacRae by Rev. Alexander Macrae B.A. (1899), and the oral tradition of Clan MacRae.

A Genealogical Account Of The Murchisons

On the banks of the river Lochy in Lochaber resided a Sept of the Celtic race named Clann Chalamain or MacCalmans of whom Murcadhdubh or black Murdoch who occupied the farm of Sroinnaba A.D. 1520 was not the least considerable of the branch.

This Murdochdubh brought up his eldest son John to be a priest of the Episcopalian persuasion who got his first charge in Lochalsh. He built a chapel of unhewen stones on a prominent hill above Ardelve and the ruins of the edifice can be seen at this day.