MacRae:  from the Ancient Gaelic Macrath meaning ‘Son of Prosperity’ or ‘Divine Grace’

Patronymic (a name derived from the name of a father or ancestor):  Macrath ​

Lands:  Beauly and Kintail​

Clan Seat:  Inverinate, Inverness-shire  (MacRaes of Inverinate)

Slogan:  Sgur Uran (The name of the highest peak in the Five Sisters, a mountain in Kintail)​

Motto:  Fortitudine (With fortitude)

MacRae Name

Variants and Sept Names:  Mac is the Gaelic word meaning “son” (“mic” being the feminine form for “daughter”). Mc & M’ are acceptable abbreviations for “Mac”. Therefore “MacRae” in its many forms literally means “son of” or “of the family of” Rae. “Rae”, “Macrae”, “Mcrae”, and “M’Rae” are all correct examples of the name. Spelling may change from one generation to the next. 

Recognized variants are:
Crae, Cree, Macara, Macarra, Maccra, Maccrath, Maccrae, Maccraith, Maccraw, Maccray, Maccrea, Maccreath, Maccree, Maccrie, Mackereth, Macrath, Maccroy, Macgrath, Macgraw, Machray, Macra, Macrae, Macraith, Macrach, Macraw, Macray, Macrie, Rae, Raith, Ray, Rea, and Reath.

Pipe Music:  The Macrae’s March

Memorials:  Kintail, Auld Kirk