Generation No. 1

  1. Maurice Of Clunes1 MacRath1 was born Abt. 1280 in Ireland, and died Abt. 1350 in Scotland.

Notes for Maurice Of Clunes MacRath:

Of a possible migration of the Clan MacRae to Scotland from Ireland, little is known, but their first known home in Scotland was on the lands of Lord Lovat of Clunes (between Beauly and Inverness on the south side of the Beauly Firth) sometime during the mid-13th century. Virtually all sources are in agreement on the location. As evidence, they cite among other things the long and solid friendship between the Frasers of Lovat and the Macraes, and the presence of many Macraes near Dingwall.

The tradition as told by Ella MacRae-Gilstrap is that Maurice MacRath and two others left Ireland as the result of a quarrel after too much celebration at a wedding feast, and came to Lovat country in Scotland, arriving just as a would-be assassin was about to attack Bissett, Lord of Lovat. Having just fled from trouble caused by becoming involved in an argument, the two others declined to intervene. But MacRath killed the assassin and the grateful Bissett invited MacRath to settle on his estates.