Excerpt From The Book of MunsterWritten in 1703 Rev. Eugene O’Keeffe Parish priest and Poet of Doneraile, North Cork Branching out of the Race of Eoghan, son of Oilill Olum. Here commences the genealogies and the branches of relationships of the family of eoghan Mor son of Oilill Olum –Continue Reading

From SAINTS OF SCOTLAND by Edwin Sprott Towill, publishers: St. Andrew’s Press. A remarkable fact about the widespread work of the Celtic missionary saints from the fifth century onwards is that scarcely any cases of violent opposition or martyrdom are recorded until the Viking and Danish raids began at theContinue Reading

The Five Sisters mountain range lies at the head of Loch Duich, at the western end of Glen Shiel. Legend says that at one time there were seven daughters of a local chief, two of whom were taken as brides by two Irish brothers. On departing Kintail, they promised toContinue Reading

By Leslie A. McRae | Origins of Surnames in Europe Surnames as we know them today were first assumed in Europe from the 11th to the 15th centuries. They were not in use in England and Scotland before the Norman conquest of 1066, and were first found in the DomesdayContinue Reading

By Cornelia W. Bush | The name MacRae, frequently translated as Son of Grace, more properly refers to a person in an ecclesiastical/religious profession. MacRae, MacCrae, McCrea, MacRay, Mccree—regardless of the spelling in English or in Gaelic, it is all the same word. The Clan MacRae came from Ireland to Clunes,Continue Reading

By Leslie McRae | “Chapter One – Origins of Clan MacRae The Scots came from Northern Ireland and settled in Argyll in Roman times. In about AD 500 a fresh influx from Ulster established a separate kingdom which is called Dalriada after them, ‘the tribe of Riada’. They made theirContinue Reading

The Chatelaine’s Scottish Castles – Joanne Mackenzie-Winters Grant McRae’s War – The story of Flight Lieutenant Grant McRae’s adventures overseas during World War Two. Presented by The Memory Project – Historica Canada with funding from Canadian Heritage and Veterans Affairs Canada