© Peter MacRae, London 1999 A dissertation concerning the Chiefship Issue in The Clan MacRae. The MacRaes are conspicuously ‘A Clan without Chief’, none having ever been determined. In 1909 Sir Colin MacRae of The Inverinate Branch petitioned Lyon Court for recognition of his position as “Chief of The ClanContinue Reading

From SAINTS OF SCOTLAND by Edwin Sprott Towill, publishers: St. Andrew’s Press. A remarkable fact about the widespread work of the Celtic missionary saints from the fifth century onwards is that scarcely any cases of violent opposition or martyrdom are recorded until the Viking and Danish raids began at theContinue Reading

When researching clan and family history, place names have more meaning if they are located on a map and placed in relation to other known locations. These maps are usually large and may take some time to download – please be patient. Dornie, Five Sisters of Kintail & Eilean DonanContinue Reading

The Five Sisters mountain range lies at the head of Loch Duich, at the western end of Glen Shiel. Legend says that at one time there were seven daughters of a local chief, two of whom were taken as brides by two Irish brothers. On departing Kintail, they promised toContinue Reading

MacRae:  from the Ancient Gaelic Macrath meaning ‘Son of Prosperity’ or ‘Divine Grace’ Patronymic (a name derived from the name of a father or ancestor):  Macrath ​ Lands:  Beauly and Kintail​ Clan Seat:  Inverinate, Inverness-shire  (MacRaes of Inverinate)​ Slogan:  Sgur Uran (The name of the highest peak in the Five Sisters, a mountain in Kintail)​ Motto:  Fortitudine (With fortitude)​ MacRaeContinue Reading

Armorial Honours: “Ar. a fess betw. three mullets in chief and a lion ramp. in base gu.” officially documented in Burke’s General Armory. When translated, “Silver, a red middle third between three red stars in the upper third and a red lion attacking in base.” Above the shield and helmetContinue Reading

Tartans:  There are over 16 tartans associated with Clan MacRae. These tartans can be categorized as (Red) MacRae, Hunting MacRae, MacRae of Conchra or Sheriffmuir, and Dress MacRae, the newest tartan. This page shows some of the most popular tartans worn today.  Highland Dress:  Electric ScotlandContinue Reading

The History of Scottish Gatherings and Games Long before colonists began to settle the New World, Scotland had a lengthy history and culture. In Scotland, Heavy Athletics Events were already being held at least 1,000 years ago! Historians believe that some of the Heavy Events originated during Druid times. HeavyContinue Reading

By Leslie A. McRae | Origins of Surnames in Europe Surnames as we know them today were first assumed in Europe from the 11th to the 15th centuries. They were not in use in England and Scotland before the Norman conquest of 1066, and were first found in the DomesdayContinue Reading